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Third Eye Chakra Healing and Activation


HOSTED BY: Mindful Empowerment for Women and Girls

Come join us for dialogue, meditation and a yoga release session at Mind Style Soul located inside The Wayne Smith. This session is focused on Third Eye Chakra Healing and Activation. We will start the dialogue at 10AM followed by meditation and a short yoga release session.

* Explore what the Third Eye Chakra means
* Heal and activate the Third Eye Chakra
* Connect with self and others
* Reset your vibration and patterns
* Destress (science-based)
* Create inner-peace

Please bring a yoga mat (we will have a few extras). No experience necessary.

Parking lot is West of The Wayne Smith off of Rural Rd. Additional parking can be found East of The Wayne Smith.

Please call or text 623-866-4514 for questions (text only on day of event, please).

Our facilitator is available to hire for events such as: 
* Team Building
* Workshops & Seminars
* Healing Groups
* Parties
* Gatherings