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The Best-Worst Movie Series - Demolition Man


Hosted by: Us!

Where: Main co-working area @ The Wayne Smith

Want to see something really outside the bun? “‘Now all restaurants are Taco Bell.’ That’s a direct quote from Sandra Bullock’s character in Demolition Man. Don’t worry, she also explains why: ‘Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars.’ This bit of dialogue is Demolition Man in a nutshell, a preposterous Sylvester Stallone action vehicle about a police officer who, in the future, is thawed out from his cryogenic chamber to catch his archnemesis (Wesley Snipes). The movie joyously skates by on "this is what life will be like in the future" fantasies: Beyond the Franchise Wars, in the future police refer to homicide as a "murder-death-kill" — because who needs vocabularial efficiency... How could you not love a train wreck like this?”

We may even have Taco Bell to get the most out of it 🌮

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